Rooting for sea lion pups — long may they frolic

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It’s been a tough season for sea lion pups, and I’ve been seeing more of them beached for rest, sun or recuperation. I spotted this guy near an obviously dead sea lion on my run late this afternoon and feared the worst …


Only to see him rouse himself and head for the water


Wriggling in the sun before he dove in the ocean


Further down the sand I spotted this sleeping beauty under the Hermosa pier, very near where I spotted a resting pup this morning. I hope his mother brings him food soon.


Close encounters with a sea lion — Hermosa pier

Beach Life, Hermosa Beach, Photography


While I was trying to figure out how to work a loaner camera under the pier, this guy slithered behind me. Couldn’t have been more than a foot away.


He soon drew a crowd, and after some photo ops, ambled back toward the water…


Pausing to survey the high surf


And looking back


Before diving in.

He came back out once more before disappearing for good.