Rooting for sea lion pups — long may they frolic


It’s been a tough season for sea lion pups, and I’ve been seeing more of them beached for rest, sun or recuperation. I spotted this guy near an obviously dead sea lion on my run late this afternoon and feared the worst …


Only to see him rouse himself and head for the water


Wriggling in the sun before he dove in the ocean


Further down the sand I spotted this sleeping beauty under the Hermosa pier, very near where I spotted a resting pup this morning. I hope his mother brings him food soon.


Foamy weather — an ode in pictures

lifeguard-boat-redondo-harbor-high-surfLifeguards were very busy last weekend,  patrolling the harbor and the sand in between a series of storms that brought exceedingly high surf to the Beach Cities.

splash-redondo-harbor-stormy-weatherThe surf kept pounding over Redondo breakwalls at low tide Saturday afternoon.

dock-damage-redondo-harborDocks in King Harbor were already damaged.

foamy-weather-herondo-break-wallOn the Hermosa side, waves were also crashing. Police closed Herondo access and sent a wedding party home.

hermosa-pier-closed-high-surfThe Hermosa pier, still open Saturday morning, was closed by low tide mid-afternoon.

surfer-helmet-storm-hermosa-entering-wavesThis surfer was not deterred, however.

lifeguard-chases-surfer-high-surfer-hermosaCausing this lifeguard to chase him along water’s edge

storm-reveler-hermosaNo sooner did he get the surfer out of the water than he had to shoo this guy out of the water

high-surf-in-sun-hermosaThe sun did pop out here and there, but never stayed long.

wave-gawkers-hermosaI wasn’t the only one gawking at the waves.

high-surf-sign-closed-accessBut the police continued to close coastal access, well ahead of high tide hours later.

sunday-after-storm-sailboat-bird-hermosaBy Sunday afternoon, the high surf had begun to subside. The pier had reopened and sailors returned to sea. All was well in our corner of the world.