Rose Parade 2018

Pasadena, Photography

Earth, Wind & Fire atop the Forum 50th anniversary float. They were a big hit with the crowd.

The UPS dragon righted itself after emerging from the freeway underpass toward the end of the route.

The queen and her court

Grand marshal Gary Sinise waves to the crowd.

Crazy carrots!

Always a good time for Story Time

This Japanese high school band won our informal poll for most energetic toward the end of the parade route.

The PCC band in all its glory


Rose Parade 2016 — Another beautiful day in Pasadena

Photography, Surf N Pixels


Rose Parade finally arrives, near the end of the route, on a bright, beautiful day in Pasadena


The Disney float didn’t fully right itself after emerging from the freeway underpass


Darth Vader and Storm Troopers were popular


As was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, drawing excited salutes from Lakers fans