I’ll do my whale watching from here, thank you very much

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I haven’t spotted any whales lately, but I know they are out there, and that there are plenty of whale watching expeditions that could lead me to them.

But I get terribly sea sick — and prefer views like this to any that I could see from the boat above. So I’ll stick to dry land, thank you very much.

Abalone Cove: Just Don’t

Beach Life, Photography, Surf N Pixels

There are so many things you aren’t supposed to do at Abalone Cove: Remove abalones or plants, bring animals to the beach and smoke. But you’re really not supposed to sunbathe nude.


The beach is out of the way, but it’s also popular with families checking out the tide pools. Hence the need for signage above.


Before you head down to the beach, you are greeted with a host of prohibitive signs outlining all the do’s and don’ts.


Including this final advisory: Watch out for ticks with nefarious intent.