L.A. Times 1995-


“Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater,” LAT book review, 8/8/2009

Remodeling’s done, but nightmare drags on, LAT 1/5/2003

Redondo Beach draws surfers and families, LAT 11/10/2002

No End in Sight, LAT 1/6/2002

Little Doubt About the Future of DVD, LAT 1/5/2000

Hammer Time and Tactics for Surviving Construction,LAT 12/20/1998

For Many the Size of the Screen Matters, LAT 7/3/1998

Video Renter Fights Store by Store, LAT 8/20/1997

1 Movie, 1 Multiplex, 2 Versions, LAT 2/26/1997

Videocassette Business Still in the Fast-Forward Mode, LAT 1/3/1997

Now for the Sequels: Firm Goes After Film Recycling, LAT 12/18/1996

No Such Thing as Bad Publicity? Hmm…, LAT 11/1/1996

Taste for the Offbeat Inspires Collectors, LAT 10/13/1996

To Tell the Truth, the Cover Often Doesn’t, LAT 6/16/1996

Does the Internet Have a Drop Box?, LAT 4/28/1996

Alien Sightings (At a Store Near You), LAT 4/7/1996

Thumbs Down on “Cinderella,” LAT 2/4/1996

Where Everybody’s a Critic – On the Internet, LAT 11/12/1995

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