Editor for AOL’s Patch

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For a very intense period that seemed much longer than it was, I ran AOL’s Patch site for Redondo Beach. Links have been lost in subsequent site overhauls. Here are some sample headlines during my stewardship.


Three-part homeless series: Homeless in Redondo: A Growing Problem Without an Easy Solution; She Feeds Their Bodies, They Feed Her Soul; Meet Greg: He Lives on Our Streets
City Tries to Rub Out Massage Parlor Hanky-Panky
You Don’t Want to Know What’s in Our Beach Water


I Went to the Mother Heckin’ Bull Pen
Heck Yeah, Three-Legged Dogs!
Adventures on Beach Cities Transit

Photo Galleries:

Election Sign Language
Lady Sea Hawks Volleyball 2010
Frighteningly Good Displays


The Year That Was: A City Divided
Because We Care
Seriously, Don’t Go in the Water

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