Latest Variety projects

Recent assignments include a story about showbiz women prevailing (and persisting) around the globe, plus one about how Oscar nominees defied expectations in the #MeToo era and how “Get Out” channeled the changing zeitgeist.

Showbiz Women Prevail (and Persist) Around the Globe

International Women’s Impact Report

How Oscar Nominees Defied Expectations in #MeToo Era

Santa Barbara Film Festival Gets Underway With Renewed Purpose

Crazy for Polka Dots: Minnie Mouse’s Evolving Style

‘Get Out’ Channeled the Changing Zeitgeist in Exposing Racial Unease

Palm Springs Fest Encourages Awards Season Binge Watching

Studios Pull Out All the Stops to Pump Up Digital Movie Purchases in the Streaming Age

George Takei Doesn’t Want Us to Ever Forget What Happened During WWII

Asian World Film Festival Broadens Already-Wide Embrace


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